New Genius is the console for serial communication with the engine control unit, through the OBDII socket or specific diagnostic connectors.

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Maximum ease of use to optimize working times. Just lightly touch the screen to start working on the vehicle. A complete series of manuals includes the instructions provided by the console to resolve possible doubts (eg type of cable or connection to be made).
Maximum reliability from start to finish. Before programming the vehicle, the New Genius checks the checksum and the size of the file it has to write to ensure that the engine will start after reprogramming. The instrument can recover serial programming that has been accidentally interrupted (eg cable disconnection) and supports additional functions such as resetting the engine control unit errors due to the diagnostic mode, reading and writing, setting the injectors, resetting the counters.
New Genius can be configured in a wide range of vehicles: from the individual and specific application to the complete coverage of any vehicle equipped with an electronic engine management unit. A series of specific wiring also allows connection to vehicles that do not have a standard OBDII socket, such as industrial and agricultural vehicles.

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